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    A banking current account is your main account for storing earnings and setting up direct debits to pay bills.

    The current account also enables you to manage your cash over the phone, from a cash point, or even online.

    There are a number of different factors to consider when choosing the best current account for your needs. It really is best to shop around and compare all the options.

    You need to think about what matters to you, such as interest-rates, overdraft fees, deals on loans, and savings rates.

    A great place to compare all current accounts on offer is a price comparison website such as ComparetheMarket.

    There are current accounts with fees, and current accounts which do not charge fees. Fee charging accounts include features such as, travel insurance, breakdown cover, etc. You need to work out if these are things you require, and if the fees cost in.

    It is worth noting if you are a student or have just graduated a useful feature of many current accounts is an interest-free overdraft.

    The way in which you want to access your account can also influence your choices. If you like to visit your branch to do your banking, or require in branch access. You may want to choose a High Street bank which you can visit local to you. If you’re comfortable managing your money online or don’t need local access to High Street branch, then you may only require telephone or online access to your current account.

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